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PHPBB: Change Header

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:34
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Good stressed afternoon!!.

As i mentioned last sunday, I was asked by my bro to integrate the header of his WordPress Header blog within the PHPBB forum he just setted up. I had never played around with PHPBB beyond knowing about that fantastic Development. I decided to search over internet and I found little info about that integration so that night i just decided to get into de code and try to figure it out. Easy work I must say, ...which I always says that it is translated into a beatifully design of the product.

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SCRIPTY2: The new!!

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:33
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Lately I've been talking about, wonder cause I have been using it much along my developments. Now i was morphing my coding ideas to jquery&mootools just because i was wondering what could happen to in the short future... And look who is back??. It comes Scripty2, the rebirth of a beast!!. May I keep coding with Thomas Libraries??, ...Of couse YES!!.

Scripty2 is just 2, and the alpha version is just out there so join the forum group at google and start coding!.

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YUI: V.2.8.0

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:31
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Sunday is getting over and we must get our things ready for work or university, a new week is coming but this one has brought a new version of Yahoo User Interface.

This version is v2.8.0. I could write a bit about this version, as for example the components it brings: Storage Utility, ProgressBar Control, Swf and SwfStore Utilities, ...or a bit about other very interesting changes in YUI as an extension to the event handling component to support event delegation without having to write it in detail

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SCRIPT.ACULO.US: Dropdown Menu

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:30
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The weeekend is Here and I still got 15 minutes before my gf comes and I prepare some soup and sushi!!. In this 15 minutes I do not have many time to write so I will just point out a very simple dropdown menu that I found when looking for one for my site. It comes from Jan Sovak at Graphika Studios.

The code is pretty simple and very powerfull in the sense that will be very easy to customize. Change the Blind down effect:

new Effect.BlindDown( $(dEl), { duration: dropliciousShowingUpDuration });

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  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:29
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Here we go with another cool effect, ..and "outOfTheBox", which comes with scriptaculous is the opacity effect. How would u like to have a list of facebook style users and be able to check/uncheck them with a cool opacity effect??.

That's way too easy, ...not even in need of using the "famous" queues which I would recommen at any case but to make this example easier i will skip them.

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SCRIPT.ACULO.US: Drag and Drop

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:27
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Drag&Drop??, ..of course i need in my portal the drag&drop utility, and i could ask, Who doesn't??. Let's then get into it with, which will help us with no doubts.

Let's set the blocks with DIVs as it should be. We will have 3 divs, the global containers (myPage) where all the Drag&Drops Actions will happen and the 2 containers (tools, frameworks) which will hold the elements. In each container ww will have a list of elements, in the first one javascript libreries and in the second one a list of Portal CMS&tools (PressXine will appear at the end of year..).

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JQUERY: Thickbox and Superbox, ModalBoxes for JQuery

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:26
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...modalboxes for prototype, mootools..., and where are the modalbox for Jquery??. Here it comes....

As usual there are more than one to choose from. Here are my favourites. The veteran Thickbox which is the version 3.1 and coming directly from France we have Superbox. Which are the differences, ..what could I say, ...there are almost none!!. Both can show:

  • Pictures
  • Galleries
  • Inline Content
  • Iframes
  • Ajax

Both have almos same size (if you use the thickbox-compress), Superbox is around 200 bytes smaller. Both have a CSS which can be used to define de styles, you can changed the loader image, etc, etc. MIT License in both...

Maybe the differences may be in which browsers may be supported, ..thickbox has that info in its Homepage but no idea about superbox (I have tested over Explorer 7, Firefox 3 and Opera 9 with no problems). At any case these modalboxes run over Jquery so using extensively standard Jquery code and being caferull with CSS, then the browser shouldn't be an issue to worry about. Thickbox code, we could say, is more elegant meanwhile Superbox is more techie but this is just likes because both modalboxes work pretty good.

I had only one question when writting this post, ..which image to add..., in 3 seconds I starting laughing and wnet back to superbox project homepage..., which one better that the one from SuperBox Example???? :)

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  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:25
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Building a modalbox with Mootools is really easy!!, ... why??, well it is already within the objects included in it: fb-modal

As I always state, it is much more easy to learn how to build things with examples by one side, let's just use David Walsh example, ..I also know a cool programmer guy called Mike Walsh at London but they are not related. He has just made a simple example following the facebook css. Here it is.

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OPENCMS: Version 8.0

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:24
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What are planning the guys of Alkacon for this new version which will come up around July next year??. It will Require Java 6 runtime, ..remember that this version of the Java Runtime appeared in december 2006 and as main characteristics:

  • Supports JSR 170
  • Offer access to VFS via Web Service
  • Integrates Workflow Engine
    • Most likely JBPM
  • Uses JPA for DB persistence
    • Drop individual DB persistence layers
  • Includes native support for JavaScript
    • Scripting access to OpenCms API
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