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Should you use Kendo UI??

  • Published on Wednesday, 23 September 2015 03:33
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In case you need a quick answer to the question: YES, ..and the reason behind this decision is based on these main features:

Open Source

There are two kendo UI licenses, the Professional one and the Opensource. Hmmm, you might expect that the opensource version will be just a light demo of the first one but fortunately it is not the case as it comes with 40+ jQuery-based fullyworking widgets!!!

The open source package is licensed under the permissive Apache v2 license and is suitable for projects not requiring dedicated technical support which is most likely your case.

You can check the differences between the two of them clicking here


Much better than i initially expected!!, moreover if you go with the professional license as I did. I believe the mixture of being Kendo Core opensouurce with Kendo Professional on a license payment basis have come up with also a nice mixture between professional and personal support. If you have a question then definitely you will get an answer (well, more than one :)). You can always start in the Support or just google it.

Let's go with a couple of examples to check Kendo UI Support:

Example 1

We have our grid with the list of actors from Matrix and we want to add an Option to add a New one. Ok, let's google "Add a Row to a Kendo Grid" and here are some of the examples:

  • Documentation

First a reference to the expense documentation:

  • Support Center

Then you have a answer form their support center:


  • Community

And of course from the different sources we are used to (stack overflow, fiddle, etc):

..and finally I nice demo on the Kendo UI Dojo:


Example 2

Now let's use their support center to open a Ticket, this case the question will refer on how to hide a column in a kendo grid in mobile devices:

Kendo Question

And the answer took three days to arrive. We can say that it was not quick but the anwer cleared out any doubts that i could have and worked flawlessly:

Kendo Answer

So it is fair to give Kendo a score of 9 out of 10 for support

Well Though API & Widgets

You can decide when a framework is based in a nice architecture when the learning curve to use it is from moderate to low, when the API is well structure and the documentation is really clear and comprehensive. uses similar execution logic like jQuery Mobile

Powerfull widgets are the one who are customizable, both in functionality, look & feel, and behave really well in different devices/screen resolutions and Kendo.

Do you trust in Gartner??

I have to say that is not only me, a humble but smart :) IT Manager, who sees quite a great potential in Kendo UI but also our friends at gartner sees telerik as a visionary , as you can see in one of their magic quadrants, for Mobile Application Development Platforms. Here you have the information regarding this Quadrant.

The Comparison

Finally let me give you a quick comparison of Kendo vs the most famous html5+javascript frameworks, just saying in which the other are clearly better than Kendo UI:

  • If you are building a mobile app and want to stick completely with angularJS then use IONIC.
  • If you liked ExtJS (I am not a big fan of it) and wanted to include ECMAScript5, CSS3 and HTML5 best practices then use SENCHA
  • QWidgets is small in size, highly modular and extensible. It is growing as fast as Kendo IU, ...or would say a bit faster and it features an internal behavious thatbest matches the device and type you are browsing by)
  • Are you a Jquery Fan??, then go with JQUERY UI and power it with BACKBONE.JS
  • Are you in love with TypeScript?? for you is a better coding experience to code object-oriented and in C# style??. Do you need financial Widgets??, ....the WIJMO is your winner!!

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