JOOMLA: Facebook Fans at your site ..and more

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Last wednesday a collegue was trying to integrate his facebook friends within a site built with Joomla. He was having problems with the code, ...and i asked him, why don't you use a module for that??.

Yeah, joomla has modules for everything, absolutely everything. I like to digg into joomlabyte where you can find from free to commercial modules for joomla. ...and here it was, the Facebook Fans Joomla Module.

Very easy to use, you just need a facebook API key as it happens to many services you want to access. To get the API key just get here. At any case and if you are not used to work with facebook API, by the time you create an APP you will get a key so for a shortcut get in here to get it. recommendation is to fully understand what you do so be patient and start at the "get started" page from facebook.

With the key you have all set:

Page Id: 54217729140
Fans Number :40
width:i set 400 pxl
height:i set 700
You Facebook API Key: xxxxxxx

Time to sleep, ..but if you want to dance tonight, and talking about FACEbook, ..I leave you with this poker FACE.

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