ZOHO: Another Google Docs??

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Most of you have already tried the Google Docs, those web tools which allow you to use excel, word...and many more on internet, without installing any software at your PC and so being able to access your docs from any Computer or smartphone with internet access. Is google Docs alone??, ..of course not!!. No Software is ever alone...

Of course the other choice is not Microsoft Office Online because we are talking about free use, ..we are talking about ZOHO. ZOHO, as google docs, allows people to work together on same documents, as well of being platform independent. ZOHO comes with many, many apps:

  • Zoho Mail. Web-based Email Service
  • Zoho Writer. Online Word Processor
  • Zoho Sheet. Spreadsheets. Online
  • Zoho Show. Online Presentation Tool.
  • Zoho Docs. Online Document Management
  • Zoho Wiki. Easy to use, full-featured Wiki
  • Zoho Meeting. Web Conferencing, Remote Support
  • Zoho Projects. Project Collaboration Software
  • ......................
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  • ......................

Every month seems to appear something new!!. There is also a API to use it at social networks as Facebook or to integrate at your site, or even into Iphone Apps!!.

Remember that is free for personal use, but if wanna use it for comercial or business purposes, then a fee must be paid.

Again, a video is worth a thousand words:

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