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...I ve been thinking for a while which name I should give to ICloud, a web OS??, a Collaborative tool??, another Goggle Wave??, or yes, a Virtual Desktop!! as I prefer to define it. Actually ICloud is the Desktop on top of XIOS/3, Xcerion XML Internet Operating System.

This is THE FUTURE, to have desktops on the cloud where you can share your info with friends, log for example at messenger, get your email, upload pics and documents, icloud provides you 3GB disk Space, tag your youtube and meta cafe videos, have a video and audio player, have your calendar, even play games with your friends. Iclouds have all these although still misses some features as for example spreadsheets. It comes with a word editor but it doesn't still import word files ok, in the other hand it comes with a handy file explorer!!. At any case, a video is more worthy than a 1000 words


which JS framework lies underneath Icloud?? JQuery is the answer!!.

Which song for today??. talking about clouds, what about an eye in the sky??, ...

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