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Another great Web Virtual Desktop with a very cool design (very funny animated ghosts moving along...). Its name: G.HO.ST. Its futures??

  • File Manager. You can sync you local drive with the drive at How much Space do u have??. Are 15GB enough??. If it is not enough get a friend to signup and add 5 more GB!!.
  • A chat Client. It can manage Yahoo!!, MSN, AOL messengers as well as Google Talk. Log in also to facebook, twitter, myspace.......
  • Share your PICs with Flickr.
  • Watch your videos at youtube or Youku.
  • Listen to your favourite radio at LastFM, Pandora and Groove Shark
  • It Integrates ZOHO. The most comprehensive suite of web-based Applications which you can use to work with MSoffice for example.
  • RSS Client integrated.
  • Wanna play games??. It also includes Kongregate!!!

..And of course check ur POP and IMAP external email account as well as having a new one " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ".

In my opinion is one of the best Web Virtual DEsktop, or WEB OS as some like to call it, at this moment. With more apps than ICloud, but slower. Soon I will review a faster and very interesting choice called EyeOS

Talking about a ghost, you remember this??

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