JQUERY: Alert Dialogs, Context Menu, File trees, from "A Beautifull Site"

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There are 3 interesting tools which you may like to integrate in your developments!!. These are in one very good blog, a beautifull site, ..hey why not mentioning blogs other than mine, this is the basis for Open Source, ..sharing info!!

All these tools come with an outstading description as well as examples so I just link to them!!:

  • jQuery File Tree. An AJAX File Browser plugin. And just with a little line of code. Obviously we need a server-side tech to get access to the folder.. It provides conectors for PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, JSP, Lasso, Perl, Python/Django and Ruby!!!
  • jQuery Context Menu Plugin. Just with a html list you can get this context menu.
  • jQuery Alert Dialogs. Aims to replace the basic functionality provided by the standard JavaScript alert(), confirm(), and prompt() functions.


A beatifull site for a beatifull day!!, Today it's a beautifull day. This is the song for today, enjoy this wednesday!!

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