SCRIPT.ACULO.US: PopIt, simple JS desktop windows

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wooow, ..the weekend is almost here!!. We might have some free time during it to take out the frames of our old Web Apps and be ready to use JS DropDown Menus, Drag&Drops options, and windows managers!!. About this last issue is today's topic. How can you create windows in your desktop??, ..try this simple app called PopIt.

It runs under MIT Lincense, as we all like, and it will automatically generates draggable window which can be minimize, maximize and close, as well as having resizable borders (Horizontal and vertical).

Get your hands on coding this weekend although you also may have 2 more options:

  • Buy this TV where not only you can watch and play 3D movies and 3D Games, but also wath 2 different programs at a time so no more argues with partner...
  • Try to find that woman at the pic and take her for some drinks!! :)

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