CAPTCHA: Don't let noone attack your forms!!

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At any on our sites we will have for sure a form, either for requesting info, for suscrbing to newsletters, to buy in our store, or just to sign up, ..and there are some people out there who enjoy behave a little bad either to shutsown your server, to fill your database or just to spam those forms. The solution as you all know is to install a Captcha, "put a nice car in you live and a nice captcha in your forms".

What is a Captcha??, I assume most of you know but at any case it means: "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart." What it means is, a program that can tell humans from machines using some type of generated test. A test most people can easily pass but a computer program cannot. Have you see them??

There are many out there but the one I prefer is recaptcha. It has the next functionality as stated in its site:

Another alternative:

SecureImage Captcha: PHP Captcha. t is also a good Accesible as it generates audible CAPTCHA files !!.

Today I leave you with I captcha under my skin!!!