SCRIPT.ACOLO.US: Multilevel dropdown menu

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During this week i spent a little time to start building a multilevel dropdown menu. It is in version 0.5 so it still has some BUGS, do not kill me for that!!, and of course many garbage code to erase and some commented!!.

It works in firefox, chrome and explorer 8.0, and although I haven't test it on Safari it will work almost for sure (we know how "similar" the hearts from chrome and Safari are ;)). The only issue that will not work with early versions of explorer should be the hover style over the divs, and obviously some other CSS stuff.

I have added comments explaining how everything works, ..although I Still need to add comments about the JS code. At any case, and as the weekend is coming, I posted here so you have time to play around!! :).

Its name PressXine Menu or just PXMenu.

I need to hit the road!!!, Time to travel. Have a nice weekend!!.

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