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Disqus, The Definite Discussion Solution

  • Published on Saturday, 06 October 2012 03:42
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It happened to twitter, it happened to Facebook, ...and now it is time for a discussion solution to get up to the IT Ideas and Companies Throne!!. It is time to DISQUS!!....uff, why so much excitement for a tool??.

I will briefly explain it: 


  1. EASY Integration with any Solution. I have seen, reviewed and use many discussion solutions from plugin to the ones which comes integrated with great products as wordpress. But none of them can FIT as tight, clean and beautifull, integrated and as EASY to install!! as DISQUS does with the mayor blog, cms, portal solutions on the scene:
      • ο Drupal
      • ο Joomla
      • ο Wordpress
      • ο Blogger
      • ο Tumblr
      • ο SquareSpace
      • ο Chi.mp
      • ο SandVox
      • ο DocuWiki
      • ο Storytir
      • ο TypePad
      • ο Yola
      • ο .......
    And if you don't find your soution just use the The universal code which is a generic JavaScript snippet that can be implemented anywhere, ....and, if i was not clear before, the integration with your Solution is EASY, really EASY!!, ..so clean, neat and smooth that even MR Jobs will love it even not coming from him.
  2. Social Network Integration. link your comments and discussions with your favourite Social Networks:
      • ο Facebook
      • ο Google
      • ο Twitter
      • ο Yahoo
      • ........
  3. Use any of your existing IDs to post in the Discussion!!:
      • ο Facebook, ..again
      • ο Google, ..again
      • ο Twitter, ..again
      • ο Yahoo, ..again
      • ο OpenID
      • ο Tumblr
      • ο Wordpress
      • ........
    ohhhh, I see you have you own site, or Intranet with your own users and you will like to configure DISQUS to use your users??, ..no worries, use the Single Sign-on for just $99 a month or $999 a year and problem solved!!. Having a discussion solution for a company for just $999 a year??, ..for a Price of a 3G IPAD 64GB with apple care and case!!, ....isn-t that cheap??
  4. A Centralized Notification Center. You can get DISQUS warn you when someone discuss in a thread you discussed (hmmm, ..you disqus in a disqussion with disqus), when someone replies to you comments, ...even tell you when someone is mentioning you thanks to DISQUS and Twitter Social Tagging!!If you own a site then set it to:
      • ο Receive email notifications for comments that are approved.
      • ο Receive email notifications for comments that are unapproved.
      • ο Receive email notifications for comments that are marked as spam.
  5. Clean UX. It is not just clean, it just goes to the next step. It adapts to your site as a glove!!. It does not have a custom CSS so you can use your own or will be a perfect companion for nice Joomla Solution.
  6. Go Mobile!!. I know that i should include this in the Clean UX point, ...but i wanted to give a specific thumb up to the work done in this area. It adapts to the Size of the screen as it automatically supports rich, feature-parity on phones and tablets via a fully responsive, end-to-end HTML5 design.
  7. Content Evaluation. Give a star to any article to which DISQUS is integrated with.
  8. Publisher Evaluation. get voted and also vote for any comment. ...Yeah, that is right if write as good as speak, you will become famous and you comments will be followed by many..
  9. SEO Optimized. Approved by the Google Search Quality team to be organically crawled unlike any other comment platform.
  10. Analytics. check the most discussed contents, the visitors logged into your community, etc. It even has a discovery box to help people discover other interesting stories and conversations happening on your site!!
  11. Flexible, Powerful Partner API. So you have all the tools to customize and integrate it anywhere you like!!. Excelent for using when integrating with Communities within a company

....and much, much, much, much more:

    • In-Line & Email Moderation
    • SPAM Controls and Word Filtering
    • Black Listing, ..and even White Listing :)
    • Drag & Drop Media
    • Keywords Shortcuts
    • ...and YES, much more!!

....and someone may be thinking why so excitement about a discussion solution??. I will answer with another question: Do you think that a sms-like solution could become one of the most important IT companies nowadays??. The answer to many may be, "..of course YES, for example twitter!!", ..and what about if i made the question back in 2007?. DISQUS is a company to invest at without no doubt!!.

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