TIPS: Buy an IMAC this week!!

  • Published on Saturday, 18 August 2012 00:07
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As said last week here we have the new Imacs!!. No changes on the outside, I repeat that Steve Jobs loves the actual design, although it is also true that the apple's guys are coming with a new design which will appear along the year, ..stay tuned after summer and closed to the end of the year. For Summer we have the Mac OS X Lion, and very, very soon iphone V (I know that MR Jobs says that there is no competition in Pads and mobile phones for Apple, ...but I just changed my samsung galaxy to a Galaxy II and believe me that i am just flipping out!!, ..better mobile phone at this moment, period, Iphone V must appear in the ring right now and not another Iphone in a new colour, period again).

A lot of changes in the inside. 3x faster graphics, up to 1.7x faster processors, the sandy intel bridge and of course, the thunderbolt port (remember that is 12 times faster than with FireWire 800!!) (1 for the smallest in the family and 2 for the 27 inch one). ....

Your apps are smoother than ever and playing to call of duty and funny portal in the 27 inch screen it is just a must!!.

Also facetime with your collegues in the new HD Camara.

To check more about the new IMAC, as usual, check the apple site

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