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HTML 6, ...I don't even see you using the Binoculars

  • Published on Thursday, 02 May 2013 04:17
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Indeed we have been talking to HTML5 for long time. It seems that it has been already with us for years and years and just as of December 2012, is a W3C Candidate Recommendation.


Does it mean that HTML5 is still a baby and that HTML6 is so far, far in future time that we cannot even imagine how it will be??

The answer is yes!!. HTML, HyperText Markup Language, was created in 1990, ..do you remember the Mosaic Browser??, and standardized as HTML 4 as of 1997. Therefore HTML has been living with us for 23 years already. It seems nobody is going to change that, not even the APP Store or the android Store, but even is becoming more powerfull and popular. Make an app in a great html5 and it will behave as any App available for tablet/mobile devices. Built one use many!. 

Steve Jobs, fabulous what a single person can do, in a letter published under the name of "Thoughts on Flash", mentioned that Flash was not necessary anymore for playning video, or any other kind of content type now that HML5 Specifications were already there. And now you neither the iPad, iPhones, or new android mobiles work with flash and just HTML5. It seems pretty clear that HTML has turned into a great Gladiator in the Site Coding Arena!!!

...Back to the question, what HTML6 will bring and when it will be the ADN of any site???. HTML was created for the web and I will use the web to just answer this question. We don't know what HTML6 will bring but you can define it with ideas. Just take a peek to what Oscar Godson believes how it will be:

" HTML5 was a great leap forward for web developers. It gave us all kinds of hip new tags like , and . It also gave us slick new JavaScript APIs like drag and drop, localStorage, and geolocation. Still, however, there is a void that HTML5 has yet to fill and that void is truly semantic markup.

So, ..what will html6 bring?? Imagine being able to mark something up the way you want it!!. Your xml schema will be understand by html6!. You want to build a file System structure??, so forget </div> and use a better xml naming conventions:

  <folder name="freakzion">
<folder name="Pics">
<!-- ...etc, etc -->

or one good example comes from Oscar Godson: Html6Spec who requests adding support for new types of media by simply changing the media type rather than having to come up with whole new tags for it like , , , , and so on? For example, wouldn't it be nice to just simply do: and let the browser deal with how to render it?. 

Is that what html6 will bring??, When we will start to be able to Implement HTML6 in our code??. The Approved HTML5 RoadMap gets until 2016. If html4 stood with us 14 years, we can naturally thing that HTML5 life will be 7 years, .....so may wild guess will be 2018. Wanna bet another date???. ...and I cannot tell exactly what html6 will bring, ...but what I can suggest is:

Do not wait for HTML6!!, ..you still need to redo many of your code into HTML5 so get on it TODAY!.

Have a nice coding day :)

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