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Refining Simplicity

  • Published on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 03:39
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Simplicity is at the core of what we do as user experience professionals. Its importance can be found in almost every design principle and guideline out there, evidenced in the work of everyone from IBM to Dieter Rams. Author Ken Segall even wrote a book about Steve Jobs’ passion for simplicity, titled Insanely Simple.

But before we get started on how we can better refine simplicity in our own work, let’s review what the typical UX process looks like. First, in order to achieve an easy to understand and rewarding user experience, it’s important to understand and identify the problem. For every problem, there are usually two considerations: the various expectations of the user (obvious) and the needs of the business (sometimes not as obvious, but just as important).

Once the problem has been identified, we can begin to work towards an end result, which should ultimately deliver a solid solution. Making this solution as simple as possible is the preferred form of refinement.

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