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Funding your Projects: How to "sell" your ideas | The Blog March 2013 | The Blog 2013 | The Blog

Funding your Projects: How to "sell" your ideas

  • Published on Monday, 25 March 2013 03:35
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Some weeks ago we reviewed how you could get some budget, in the best 10 Best Platforms...in the CrowdFunding sites which are quite popular nowadays and are giving great results!!.

But does it mean that just placing your project there is going to give you that precious money you need to turn your idea into the biggest business in history?? ...welll, no!!. And in case that you thought the opposite, let me emphasize it again!!!: NO, NO, and NO!!!!.

But Why, Sepelka, why do you create just an awesome post about financing a project and now you tell us that is not going to work??? Because you need to make your idea very, very attractive for your crowdfunders and that is the second key piece that is going to have your project on top of the norch.

How do i make my Business Case Attractive?? Here you have the answer:

A good Idea

I know that you didn't need me to say that, but of course that is key!!. Be original, maybe it is just as stupid as a system to send short messages with a limit of 140 characters but which ends up turning into the first marketing tool in the world nowadays!!.

Spread your Idea

Not just pacing your idea in kickstarter is the solution if nobody goes and check your idea!!!!. So have a plan to spread your idea as soon as it is placed in any of the platforms. Make bloggers your best friends and spread your idea in any social network from facebook to twitter.Talk about it in your emails, at work, paint it in your car, wear t-shirts with that idea...As this example of Santiago Segura in Blade II, Torrente, etc


A project = a Story

I have always said that I just love movies which are narrated as a story as for example the green mile, ..and it seems that I am not the only one!!, so Tell you Project as an Story and people will just love it!!.

An Image is worth one million words, and a video is worth one thousand images. 

So tell your story with a video (A Project=a Story). How to do this???. Let me just use what I am just telling you to do :)

Here you have a couple of video Success:


Don't make your idea too generic but get to the point. If you specify what your idea is about, then you make it easy to understand. The easiest is to understand, ..more people will use it!

Creative Rewards.

how your idea can return back your help on funding the project?


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