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Best Jquery LIGHTBOX Plugins for developers

  • Published on Monday, 03 June 2013 03:07
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jQuery is handy tool that transforms website into eye catching and attractive piece of work. There are numerous plugins are available over Internet which are able to give your website stunning and visually effective look. Lightbox is a JavaScript technique used to display large images using modal dialogs. Internet is full of such jQuery lightbox plugins that are capable of transforming your websites images into entertaining and visually effective way.

In this article we have rounded up 8 of the best jQuery lightbox plugins that would help you to make your website more creative, user friendly and attractive. We hope you find following jQuery lightbox plugins helpful and would apply to your upcoming design projects.



Swipebox is a jQuery lightbox plugin that has support for touch events and works well in responsive layouts. It can display a single item or a group of items (gallery) where they can be browsed with swipe gestures or keyboard too. The plugin mostly uses CSS transitions and has jQuery fallback for unsupported browsers.


rlightbox is a lightbox plugin that is built on top of jQuery + jQuery UI and comes with some fresh features that doesn’t exist in its alternatives. It can display any type of content from images to videos (YouTube and Vimeo), Flash files and HTML. The plugin has a unique “panorama” feature for showing only part of an image but allowing users to view the rest with panning. rlightbox can be set to display a single item or a set with the help of pre-next buttons (there is support for keyboard navigation as well). It is look and feel can be completely customized as the plugin is fully compatible with jQuery UI ThemeRolle


ColorBox is a jQuery Lightbox plugin which is lightweight (9kb) & supports photos, photo groups, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content. The lightbox has a very nicely designed interface which can be improved or customized with CSS. ColorBox is unobtrusive; every option is mentioned in the JS & requires no changes to the existing HTML.

For faster displays & slideshows, it preloads background images and, optionally, can preload upcoming images in a photo group. The plugin comes with a bunch of settings, including transition types-speeds & opacity, for maximum customization.


iLightBox is a fresh alternative to other jQuery lightbox plugins and there is a strong chance that, although it is a paid resource, it may become your favorite. It can present images, videos (YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 video), other HTML and there is an optional fullscreen mode. The gallery mode can display other items as thumbnails and allows browsing via keyboard, mousewheel and touch events (swipe). There are retina-ready skins, it can be completely customized and iLightbox can also be used as a good-looking replacement for JavaScript’s alert, prompt and confirm dialogs.

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