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UX ARCHIVE, find great mobile design patterns

  • Published on Thursday, 10 January 2013 03:19
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Everytime you create a new project, a new application or a new Website, you can use Buttons to be pressed, scrollbars to scroll up&down, left&right, modal windows to be opened, and round borders as Mr Jobs used to like, and hundreds of different fonts,  ...in general all sorts of widgets to play around within your project.

It is then time for creativity, you design an activity flow that is just Awesoomeeee, with all those widgets, the navigation through your website or app is just superior, ..but is it that good to your possible customers??. Wouldn't be nice to compare if your design has been a success in some other applications with similar ideas??.

That is the moment where you would like to have a Repository with the most interesting user flows so you can compare them, a UX Archive to explore what others have done and that it does work!!, a place to not only compare your ideas but also to get inspired by new ideas. Wouldn't be good to find that place??

Well that place exists and it is called as it should, UX Archive. Arthur and Nathan have started collecting these flows in a very clean, friendly and nice looking way. If they keep with the good work I am positive that in less than a year this will be a place where every designer will access to!!. So far they have categorized the UX flows by:

  • Exploring
  • OnBoarding
  • Searching
  • Sharing
  • SignUp

It is crutial, as they increase the UX flows, to include a well search tool to access to what you are looking for. I have already set an alarm to check this website in 6 months and check in what has turned into. Good luck with the project!.

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