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Rank UP your Site!

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Wooow, you finally have it set up!!,...sit back, relax and take a look at how beautiful your new site is!!. I believe, as you, it is really cool!!, ..but I know about your site because you have told me about it and, ..but what about the rest of the human beings out there?. ..how are they going to get to your site??

..Ohh, I see you are going to share links among your colleagues in Facebook and google +, ..your 300 friends who also may have some other friends interested, ..so you may get to have 1000 guys, or girls, or both, checking your site. ....but all your efforts only for that??. Shouldn't you make your site attractive enough to search engines so people can find your site while searching what is in it???.

If you are interested then keep reading how you can boost the rank of your site to the clouds and beyond!!. 

What is the Google Rank of a site??. Google, the most famous search engine, has a formula, kind of a secret one, with a lot of variables in the equation. This formula dictates which sites will appear in the first results of a search. The variables in the equations are said to be thousands, what i can`t assure is true because I believe is a bit more than 2 hundred, but what it is true is that taking care of some of the most important variables you will position your site as the best in the class.

First of all, how do I know which PageRank my site has??. Here is the link to PRChecker, that will tell you that Rank number. That number goes from 1 to 10, the bigger the better. 10 is almost unreachable, not even www.google.com, www.apple.com or www.facebook.com get a 10 (they are listed as a 9). does any site get a 10???. Yes, Twitter, USA Goverment website (http://www.usa.gov/), ...not many as you can check. Is 10 your target rank??. Of course, ..but being realistic you are not going to get over a 5 in less than a year and if you do then you have a very interesting site so start making money with it!!!!. My recommendation is to target having a 2 in the next 6 months, a 5 after a year and a 7 in two years.

So which are the factors to have in mind to increase your RANK??. Many as i mentioned, but here are the 6 Top Winners:

Social NetWorking

Yeah your first idea to spread the URL of your site among your friends and collegues was not bad at all, not only because if your site is attractive enough it will spread out quickly but also because sites as www.facebook.com, www.twitter.com, www.gmail.com, www.yahoo.com, etc will link to your website in other sites. So with social netwoking you get popularity and what for Google is very important...you get your site to be linked from other sites!!


You need to have your site linked from others. I recommend you start posting links to your site at:

 Then place links to your site at different blogs which may share same contents as yours, ..and of course sharing is important so also place links to other websites from your site...., It is one of the keys of social sharing. 

Another smart thing to do is managing the links in your homepage. The Search engines care about them and therefore relevant to searches. If any link is not relevant for a Search engine then use the nofollow tag (for example links to sign-in, paid links, etc). Here is the best tutorial about Nofollow tag of course by Matt Cutts

Update your contents very, very, but very frequently

This is one of the most important variables that Searches take into account. Why??. Basically three reasons:

 Keywords, ...KEY words

Yes, i just Emphasize the Key part of keywords becase it is key for your SEO Strategy to chose the correct keywords for every single page in your site, moreover your home and your articles. They way to do it is to imagine yourself as a searcher and choose keywords that people are going to look for!!!, ..so it is not complicate but a matter of being constant at it, everytime you write and article spend a moment to include the keywords, and also do not forget to use the Header tags for titles.

Give the correct NAME to your pages

Please use the <title> tag which is vital as most search engines displays the results as a link using the Web page's title, ..so a page without <title> will appear as 'untitled' which will make nobody click on it. 

Also name your URLS!!, make you URL mean something. Forget Urls as "yoursite.com/article-65.html" or "yoursite.com/files/23343,2345,33.html" and user urls as "your site.com/Rank-Up-Your-Site.html". Here there is a nice article about the 8 Best SEO Practices for Naming your URLs 


This is the most obvious and so common one. The number of times a root of a word used as a keyword in a search appears in your site, will increase the rank of that page in the search results. If you have an article with many words related to Writting as Graphomania, Graphology, Lithography, Grammar, ...and someone looks for the word Calligraphy which share the Graph root with most of those words, then your article will appear on the top!!.

These are just the 6 top winners!!, ..but there is more to read about SEO and PageRank within Freakzion:

..and do not forget other ideas as Include Videos, manage a Star guest to post on your site, post unique and controversial thinking articles...