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Let's start first with the obvious question, ...What is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is just using collective intelligence gathered from the public, or the crowd, to complete business-related tasks.

The tasks, or projects, would have normally been completed by the company or a third-party service provider, but through crowdsourcing the public assists in the completion of these tasks, and normally being rewarded for that work/collaboration

. (although there are many free crowdsourcing activities happening every single day as for example take a look how Facebook crowdsourcing gives lonely boy 1.4 million friends).

Which are the best Crowdsourcing services?. Here is FreakZion with the Answer:

99 Designs 

Despite of the name you can even have more than 99 for your Request, or contest as they call it in this site, ..but yeah, you will get just awesome designs. It can be for a form, for a website, for a blog, for a book, for a logo, etc.

Which are the most relevant features? 

  • Almost 280000 possible Desginers competing in your contest.
  • Different fixed prices based on the quality you need and the budget you have.
  • 100% payment guarantee. One you start the contest the money goes to 99Designs and after 7 days you need to decide who is the winner. That winner will get the Prize and you will be able to download the Design

Which are the PROs for 99Designs:

  • Check recent contests. This awesome tool will let you check the real stuff. what can you get for your money and the quality of the designs. Just a nice way to trust the crowdsourcing concept.
  • The best option to get a nice design for your project.

Take a look to 99Designs


They call themselves the number 1 market place for Logos, Graphic design and Naming. So for anything else do not look in here. The steps to submit the project is the almost the same as the rest of the alternatives:

  • Pick from 43 categories: logos, stationery, web design, company names and more. Define the timeline and the price you are willing to pay
  • Get an average of 110+ entries!. not bad, isn't it?. Watch the designs, give feedback and see revisions
  • Choose you final Designer and pay him/her when the job is done

Which are the PROs for Crowdspring:

  • Guaranteed payment service
  • It is just amazing to have an average of 110+ offers for every proposal...
  • More than 15000 designers and writers ready for you.
  • If you are looking for a design this is your best option. I have used it in a couple of times with great success.

Take a look to CrowdSpring


Guru network accounts as much as 90000 freelancers willing to build, code or create any job proposal that you may have. What does this great service provide??:

  • Work room to communicate with your freelancer and share any documentation related to the project..
  • Review any freelancer profile and also the portfolio they might provide.
  • Guaranteed Payment service. You pay them and when you agree that the work done is as expected, then they will pay the freelancer.

Which are the PROs for Guru:

  • Not restricted to Design and IT freelancers. You can find from legal to management and Finance to Sales and Marketing
  • Signup for either a proposal or to work on one is quite fast and easy
  • Big amount of freelancers
  • Guaranteed payment service

 Take a look to Guru


This is one of the most famous one and actually accounts 2,5 millions of freelances signed up in it (Just 1 million in the US). How it works?. Just as simple as the setting up the following steps:

  • Fill out a description of the job you want a freelance to accomplish and publish it.
  • Freelancers will come back to you with proposals.
  • Review job proposals submitted..
  • View portfolios, work history, ratings and more from the freelancers which is just a very great help.
  • Hire the best freelancer for your job.
  • Elance will provide a great workroom with all the tools you need to share and review work, communicate with your freelancer , store documents and more.
  • Elance guarantees a Payment protection built-in for both Fixed Price and Hourly jobs.
  • Review work before releasing payments (through PayPal or other popular methods).

 What are the PROs for Elance:

I will make it simple: PROTECTION. from all the one in the comparison I can say it is the most secure, ..which doesn't mean the rest are not, ..but Elance just gives special attention to this. What kind of Protetion?

    1. Which Tools does Elance provide?
      • Secure and private workrooms
      • Are you worried about Intellectual Property??. Elance will secure it.
      • Communication tools to connect directly with your freelancers.
    2. What information is provided from the Freelancers?
      • Public, transparent freelancer profiles.
      • Freelancer identity and skills verification. This is just an Awesome feature
    3. Payment Protection
      • Verify your work before you pay, ...but do not get the code until you do pay :). This is a bit problematic with Graphic Designs as you might think although it is not the same to download a jpeg that to get all the PSD files.
      • Free payment protection for both fixed and price or hourly jobs.
      • As most of the sites in the comparison you can pay using Paypal and other secure forms of payment.
    4. What about if something goes wrong?. Can you dispute?
      • Besides the lance Assistance you will count with a third party arbitration for additional support.

Take a look to Elance


It is oriented to mainly everything you need for your Online Business, from the design of your site to the development of it, to the mobile application, to the SEO Marketing for your business, to even someone writing marvellous articles in it.

The service is ALMOST free, and I capitalize the ALMOST because most surely you will end up using services as:

  • I want my project to be listed as a featured project. Featured projects attract more, higher-quality bids and are displayed prominently in the ‘Featured Jobs and Contests’ page for:  $29.00
  • I want all bids to be sealed so that freelancers cannot see what others are bidding, leading to more accurate, higher quality proposals for: $9.00

So how does it work?

  • Afert you sign up
  • Pick the best freelancer, you'll only pay 3%* of the project budget.
  • Pay the full prize once you are satisfied with the work done

It has a blog which is a good way to find out how freelancers work and at the same way build a a social network for professionals. 

Take a look to Freelancer


It provides access to both a huge creative community of over 50,000 video creators as well to the tools needed to harness their engagement and creativity. For creators:

  • It offers work opportunities to earn money producing commercials for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies
  • It offers performance-based video distribution to get your videos seen by targeted online audiences by placing it on the most relevant websites on the net

For clients looking for a Solution, and these are the PROs for PopTent:

  • They are home to the largest community of independent filmmakers in the world. What opportunities does that offer??. Create a video in every single spot in the world without waiting time and money traveling there. The Video Creators are already in that spot!!. Just a simple but great example is how Apple recorded this short video with iphone5s in just one day with people in to celebrate their 30 Anniversary. Watch the Video
  • Projects are normally accepted by hundred of Creators and many different solutions are submitted (take a look at this example by 5-hour energy. You will find without any doubt the video you are looking for!!.

Take a look to Poptent

From now on, not ever say again that you are not able to find that perfect professional for your project ;). 

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