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Retina dispplay ipad

Ipad 128Gb is a bargain!!

  • Published on Wednesday, 30 January 2013 01:05
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How can I think the new ipad is a Bargain??. It is $799!!, for god sake!!, i can get a laptop for less than that, or 4 kindle fire, or 4 nexus 7, ...or adding $200 I can get the Macbook Air 11"!!!. Ok, let's think about all this:

  • You can have 4 nexus 7 or 4 kindle fire but with neither of them you will be able to work. So those devices are just for browsing, Read E-books and playing games that do not need a very powerfull GPU. To watch movies???, ..I think are to small for that, but that is my opinion. To work?? No way!!. So to be able to do what you can do with the ipad 128GB then you will need a laptop (so get a cheap Windows laptop or Chrome one and one of those tablets...)
  • You might get a  a Macbook air 11" 128Gb which is $1099, that is $300 more expensive but without touch screen and without a retina display. In the counterpart you have a great keyboard (you can get it, remember the Ipad 128GB is $300 cheaper), applications that do not work in Ipad as developing tools, some 3d Designing tools (that is changing, etc, and you can connect devices through the usb and thunderbolt connection.
  • The only computer with retina display right now is the Macbook Pro with Retina Display which costs $1699. For that price you can get 2 IPAD with Retina Display 128GB or if you need a computer a MacBook Air 13" ($1199 and a Ipad with Retina Display).
  • The Windows Surface 64GB is only $100 cheaper and has not a Retina Display, it is thicker, with a worst GPU and worst Processor. What you get with the price you paid, it is much more expensive the windows surface.
  • I can conect a bigger monitor to a laptop, ..i cannot do it to the IPAD. You are right but you just need to buy the appleTV ($99) and via Airplay you can have a Monitor as big as your 55" TV!!!.

Do you still think that it is so expensive??. Let's face it, tablets are going to replace laptops, and it is not happening in 4 years as the predictions say, it is going to happen as soon as Apple let you do in an IPAD the same you can do in a laptop!!. ...If you are asking yourself: what about the keyword??, ..then i will answer with another question : what for if you can talk and the Ipad can understand you using SIRI??

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