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Make Money with your Site: Affiliate Links | The Blog December 2013 | The Blog 2013 | The Blog
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Make Money with your Site: Affiliate Links

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Some of you might have a blog or just a site containing real good content, a content which brings a nice amount of readers in a monthly periodic basis, or even daily. What about making some money out of your knowledge and time you dedicate to your site??.

Why don't you include Ads within that marvelous content??

What about unobtrusive advertisement with which you will get a revenue based on viewers clinking on them?. Here is a list of providers of intelligent text-based adverts that will be added as links in your content and if one of your readers just buy a product through any of those links, then you get your commission on the sale. sounds good??



InText Service integrates its highly engaging ad units into your pages with “content intent” intelligence. It is one of the most famous ones and you will get revenue when the visitor engage with your infolink ad.



Let's take a look to this explanatory video from infoLinks about this fantastic service:

It has other services as part of its Suite of smart ad units, which are not exactly text links in your content but are very interesting ones:

Get to the Site: Click Here



instantly and automatically captures the value of content which drives commerce. It monetize ordinary links, no ads, unsightly popups or double underlines (those double lines from infolinks), to over 30,000 retailers, whether they're created by you or VigLink. It perfectly integrates within your content, affiliating existing links, and if enabled which is recommended, linking references to existing merchants and brands, so use your time to focus on your business and forget about the hassle of managing countless affiliate programs.

VigLink’s first service, called VigLink Convert, operates using a JavaScript library that customers install on their web site to identify and monetize all potential links to any of the 30,000 merchants working with VigLink. It turns your retail links to Affiliate links.

VigLink Insert, scans a page for words that could be potentially profitable to the publisher of the page, and connects the keyword with a product from an affiliate program. The publisher is paid when a reader clicks a link contained in the content to buy or learn more about a service or product.



Let's take a look to this explanatory video from VigLink about this fantastic service:

Get to the Site: Click Here



This service counts with about 17,000 affiliate programs and it will turn your retail links into Affiliate links. You are the one who sets the links in your site to the different merchants and skimlinks automatically will translate them into their equivalent affiliate one when clicked on, via a brief redirect to the Skimlinks servers.

The links creation is not fully automated, as it happens with infolinks for example, which translates into a bit more work for you setting up the links and on the other hand gives you total control over those links making sure you don't run into overpopulated links pages.



Let's take a look to this explanatory video from skimLinks about this fantastic service:

They also offer a service called skimWords which focuses on specific product references within your content and shows users exactly where they can buy the items mentioned.

Get to the Site: Click Here


The conclusion??.

Difficult answer as all 3 are great solutions and ALL 3 will work very, very good!! but I will try to Help.