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Apple ...and what is next?? | The Blog April 2014 | The Blog 2014 | The Blog

Apple ...and what is next??

  • Published on Monday, 31 March 2014 23:09
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Of course Apple has gained back its mojo and its getting ready to rule the world, ...again.

It is no secret to my colleagues and friends, that since I bought a Macbook Air my life changed not only in how cool, awesome and sleek the device is and looks, not to mention compared to the laptops back 2 years ago when i bought it, but also to the productivity enhancements in my tasks due to its speed, stability, backlit keyboard and multitouch trackpad. That same sensation was not an isolated one, and many customers has moved from Windows to OSX.

The is no doubt that the Ipad has been, and it is, a life changer. We now take the tablet to the kitchen, living room, bedroom and even bathroom!!, ...replacing magazines, newspaper, and a good book for the Internet, videos, movies and a good e-book.

And yes now Apple is not the only fruit in the garden, ..windows or androids tablets keep growing, thinner windows laptops keep coming into the market as well as cheap google chromes ...so yes it is not the only fruit but still is the forbidden one every customer needs to bite at least once.

What about mobile phones??, ....the Iphone was a pioneer in the market but during years we saw no big improvements until last year when iphone 5s and IOS7 started the change to the new Apple. The new Apple??. Is something changing??.

  • Macs are not anymore laptops that only some wealthy customers have, it is the Laptop everybody wants to have
  • Ipads are not the only tablet, but the one customers want to own
  • Iphones are coming back, yes they are. I have never had one as my heart has belonged to android mobile phones since the first Google Phone appeared, but IOS7 has started to change my mind .....which combined with the next "almost 5" inches iphone could make me drop down my Galaxy Saga??? hmmmm
  • And students at universities need to have a mac, ...and students are our future.
  • and now you cannot get rid of apple even when driving thanks to carPlay

It is kind of funny how the industry has gone bananas trying to come up with new ideas to compete to apple's innovation and Apple has used that precious time to inject our veins with OSX and IOS marvellous poison. The new apple is the new era for OSX and IOS Devices (Servers, workstations, laptops, tables, mobile phones and....). not one, but three are the next big thing from Apple:

iLife Tracker.

I already defined what will be able to do more than a year ago, ..and we see that the market is following my predictions (fitbit, jawbones, galaxy fit gear, nike fuel band). Apple one will might look closer to the galaxy fit gear but of course much thinner, better resolution curved screen, impressive multitouch and water resistant. Therefore would like as this concept prototype but slimmer and not so bulky

But ..why an iTracker??,

  • ...well, do you know someone who doesn't  take care of his/her health nowadays, who doesn't do sports and like to compete??.  
  • Most important,  you spend 60% or your time close to your phone but the iWatch will share 100% of your life so it will know everything about you, ...everything. when you sleep, how much, what time you normally wake up, when you are driving, when you are running, when you are working and where, where you live based where you sleep, ..and even who you sleep with!!. And much more..
  • It will be your personal Siri assistant. It will tell you what to eat, when to visit the doctor, who is the one you need to beat at any sport, when and where is your next appointment, when to pick up your flight, ...even who will be your next date (and i am not exaggerating).
  • You will use it to pay, to enter to the concerts, to access to you favorite pubs. It will be your wallet and your ID Card.
  • It will keep track of your health (Heart Rate measure, and more..., that is why Apple is looking for exercise physiologist)
  • and of course you will use it as a remote control for the rest of the IOS Devices, even for the Apple game console.

To me, the iWatch or iTracker is a another game changer, much greater than the ipod, iPhone and iPad.

Entertainment Device (iTV)

Of course we already know that apple is working to provide its customers with great contents thanks to what people is calling iTV, ..but do you really think they are going to launch just an iTV???. Just that??, ...come on, Apple is much smarter than that and it is not going to let go a big slice of the entertainment market: VideoGames, Social Media Integration using webcam or a kinect similar device, ...hmmmm, maybe that is why Apple bought PrimeSense?? hmmmm.

So yes, the new iTV, that could look like this concept prototype but in my opinion will look alike  the actual Apple TV, will have the features from actual Apple TV plus:

  • 2K/4k Monitor/TV support
  • Ultrafast 802.11ac Wi-Fi 
  • Airplay to connect your devices (iPod, iPad, Macs, iPhone)
  • AppleEye (Kineck similar device although a bit smaller)
  • Integration with the iTracker/iWatch

And will act as a:

  • Video and Audio Streaming (iTunes Radio) device
  • Game Console
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Google +, ..)
  • VideoConference Device through FaceTime (and of course with other apps as Skype)

...and this is coming so close in time that Apple already has a sections in the online store for the iTV:

Apple better run because Amazon Fire TV just overtook Apple TV big time!!.

Apple Life Center

What is this??. Apple Life Center??, ..did I just go crazy??. Well, Apple is not going to create a Facebook, Apple is not going to create a google plus, but for sure Apple is going to create a network, a very interactive network in which:

  • You will share and rate music and movies with friends and strangers
  • You will share you exercise statistics and compete against others
  • Apple will take care of your health (Neat software compatible with the iWatch will be available and you could integrate it with some other devices in Gyms and Health Centers)
  • Apple will teach you thanks to its apps and iTunes U (University Agreements)
  • Chat with your friends with FaceTime (even the Iwatch will have cam)
  • Apple will invite you to Festivals, Movies, and discounts in stores thanks to passbooks in your iWatch or iPhone
  • Apple will be your guide in your holidays, either in the GPS in your car, or apps in the iPhone, iwatch

While others are building a Social Networks based on friends, Apple is working in Social Networks based on agreements with stores, universities, Cinemas, Restaurants, TV Channels, Music Companies, and much more!!!. It will make your life easier, it will make your life fun, ..Apple will be your life Center.

Yes, this is what Apple is bringing next. What do you think??


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