Peace over Bombs, 03:00 PM ET on Tuesday April 23

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I will always write about Tech related stories in FreakZion, about bytes and bits, code, gadgets, techies and freaks, I have done it that way and I will always do, 

..but today, when i saw the first explosion in Boston Marathon posted in twitter,  that remained me of the explosions in the trains in Madrid when all the world got together in the streets to protest about such miserable events, and of course the events which occurred in september 11.

I am not going to comment about these nonsense events, ...just checking any single photo from these massacres talk from itself and why this shouldn't happen again!!. Whatever we do, or talk, or discus, or do, will not bring to life all the victims in these events. But at least let's show we are all together against killing, ...that Peace are over bombs.

Let's have a silent moment for the victims. 5 minutes without posting in an site, without any twitter, without any new entry in facebook at 03:00 PM Eastern Time on tuesday April 23. 

..then let's continue LIFE and keep talking about bytes and bits, code, gadgets, techies and freaks.