FIGURES: Steve Jobs Leave his position at APPLE CEO

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Once upon a time we had a great personage, an intrepid person who changed the world, not because its IT knowledge, but because his IT Vision. His name, ..Steve Jobs, the guy that will always be related to a fruit, an apple, but who revolutionize the IT world!!.

Many people may disagree if Androis is better than IOS, that Lion is better than windows 7, etc., etc., but nobody, and repeat, nobody can disagree about the idea that Steve Jobs was the inventor of windows before microsoft windows came to life, the mouse inventor, the actual way to interact with mobile phones, the tablet PC genius, ...and of course the best commercial person in the whole world!!. ....and in case that somebody my have missed it he is the genius behind the best 3D movies ever because he started Pixar studios when he bought the computer division of Lucasfilm.
I will never forget when i studied one year at University of Miami and could compare a 1984 mac agains a 1984 PC. It is like take a great highway (mac) instead of local road(PC)...
Why PC and wintel got to beat Mac??, ..yeah ,that happened, believe me. The reason is very, very simple: Compatibility and third party developments. Meanwhile all the software for MAC was very, very controlled by apple, "open platform" that could be installed in many PCs contribute many companies to make a lot of money and so for to make this OS very popular (money will unfortunately rule this world...:( ).
But Steve Jobs came back with the iPod!!!, a revolutionary way of listening to music, and the iTunes store!! (hmmm... the idea of stores where many developers, groups and companies could sell their product has been the success of Apple, among their patents and Jobs great ideas!!).
But nobody is immortal and forever young, ...a great song from alphaville, so today steve has announced that he will leave CEO position, he will passed the baton, to Tim Cook!!, Apple's former COO.

Will Tim do a great job at apple??. He is a pattionate person, an stoppable worker, who starts sending emails at alms 04:15 every morning and who has sunday night-s conference calls with his team to prepare the week.
He is a money saver, he is a healthy person with a strong spirit, a hard and strict doubt about that as well as Steve was. But he is missing one thing, one little thing. The dream spirit of jobs!!.
What will happen to Apple, ..a new ERA??. Still Steve will be as Chairman of Apple executive board so he will be taking care go the fruit..., ..but for how long???
I wish some people could be forever young..., and i include myself

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