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I still remember those years when a single person could manage to be a site webmaster or the application developer, ...those marvellous times i must say. Now the software management involves a big team to build a robust application, ..the engineer, the designer, the architect, the ...., ...OMG, it seems we are in the middle of a building construction!!.

Hopefully Mobile devices has made possible again that dream, the dream of programmers building quick and fun applications that are used by tons of final users or customers!!. At the same time, thanks to how the apps and the developing techniques has standarized, Non Experts Programmers build Apps!! ....something very similar to easy visual basic applications in Windows but much more powerfull. What the heck am i Talking about??. The crazy guys from google came up with a great fun idea called the APP Inventor!!.

What can you do with that tool?. Many, many,interesting stuff. For example programm in a visual way examples like these:


  • Placing shortcuts in your mobile phone to call any of your friends. Ff course with the picture of ur pal.
  • Click on a locator icon in your desktop which will prompt you to type a name from your current location and will remember it for you. Then just use google map to check your favourites locations.
  • Everytime you receive a text message, depending on the title or the sender, you can send a message back preformatted.
  • Check the time or weather in your x favorites cities in the world.

and all this without almost no coding at all. How??. check the video:

Hey, of course if you want to do a neat, elegant and more sophisticated application for Android, then you must get your hands on the android's SDK

What's next??. Will be able to program not even using our hand, just with our brain, thoughts or vision??, ..getting there, getting there: IPMS show world first OLED microdisplay based Eyetracking HMD at SID-2011

Have a nice thursday!!.

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