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Is sometime going to start the good weather in Boston again??. That is the main question of today but the second question is:

If Sepelka, that is me, said yesterday that web browsers are going to be overtaken by Apps, what about all the interesting Disussion Forums that are on the web??. People will remain using web browsers to access to them, ..or not??

Hmmm, sure!!. First of all web browsers are there and will be there forever because is the way to access to tons of informations, sites, etc. But It is also sure that if a Forum is as standard "Concept" as a Blog, ..why not use an APP to read Posts from different topics in different Forums??. An App is fast, help you minimize the data downloaded and most of all is FUN!!.

One of the best solution in the market is Tapatalk.

It is a mobile solution for online comminities and specially design for discussion forums and its success is based on 2 main reasons.


    1. OS Compatibility. It works for:
      • Android
      • Iphone
      • WebOS
      • Windows Phone 7
      • BlackBerry


  1. Forum Systems which are supported:
    • phpBB 3.0.x+
    • vBulletin 3.6.x+
    • xenForo 1.0.x+
    • Invision Power Board 3.x+
    • Simple Machine Forum 1.1.11+

Even you can create you own development to integrate your forum tech with Tapatalk thanks to the API, ..or to build your own Tapatalk if you wish!!.

So the possibilities offered by Tapatalk are really huge and very intuitive to use. For example to add forums to you mobile favourite gadget just use the browser which comes with Tapatalk and select any of the 10000+ forums. Save them to favourite and you will access to them as fast as with one click.

Want to check the latest posts??. No problem, no matter from which forums they may come from your list of favourites, they are all.

Want to know which post has you read already??. The same as any web discussion forum, you will know if you just went over it or not.

...and remember "you just get the posts to your APP!!!", so forget about downloading commercial banners of heavy data from the source disccusion Forum site :)

....A song reminding that Today is the beginning of the new weather, ...or at least that is my wish!!

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