JS FrameWorks: Jquery for Mobile

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Hey guys. I cannot say I am back and actually i am busier than ever, even giving a try to my younger dream, ..play the electric guitar and here i write by my Fender Stratocaster, such a good guitar for an apprentice as me, ..but faith is the last thing to lose :)

We all know that the PC platform, as we use to know it, has a short life in future and all these "new" devices as Pads, Smartphones, Smart TVS, and in general any gadget with the "Smart" word on it are changing the way we live, ..more than we can or could ever think they would. Of course the javascript frameworks are aware of this.

A good example of course is Jquery, which is about to release the official version 3 in some weeks. It works in any of these Browsers/OS:


  • Apple iOS (3.1-4.2): tested on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • Android (1.6-2.3): all devices, tested on the HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid, Google G1 and Nook Color
  • Blackberry 6: tested on Torch and Style
  • Palm WebOS (1.4): tested on Pre, Pixi
  • Opera Mobile (10.1): Android
  • Opera Mini (5.02): iOS, Android
  • Firefox Mobile (beta): Android

...by the way Opera mini has my thumb up as browser for slow connections!!.

What are the features of JQuery for Mobile??. Well as the state in their webpage:

  • Built on jQuery core for familiar and consistent jQuery syntax and minimal learning curve
  • Compatible with all major mobile platforms - iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Nokia/Symbian, Windows Mobile, bada, MeeGo with baseline support for all devices that understand HTML
  • Lightweight size (12k compressed for all mobile functionality) and minimal image dependencies for speed.
  • HTML5 Markup-driven configuration of pages and behavior for fast development and minimal required scripting.
  • Progressive enhancement approach brings core content and functionality to all mobile, tablet and desktop platforms and a rich, installed application-like experience on newer mobile platforms.
  • Automatic initialization by using HTML5 data-role attributes in the HTML markup to act as the trigger to automatically initialize all jQuery Mobile widgets found on a page.
  • Accessibility features such as WAI-ARIA are also included to ensure that the pages work for screen readers (e.g. VoiceOver in iOS) and other assistive technologies.
  • New events streamline the process of supporting touch, mouse, and cursor focus-based user input methods with a simple API.
  • New plugins enhance native controls with touch-optimized, themable controls.
  • Powerful theming framework and ThemeRoller application make highly-branded experiences easy to build.

...Which are the competitors??. well my friends the rules changes, and jquery needs to adapt.

I just make a question, that may sound really strange coming from a web browsers lover but it is time to face the truth. Who needs a browser when you can dowload apps that run on any android or IOS system??. Do you connect to google maps in the browser on ur mobile or you just use the Google Maps APP?, what about Facebook?....hmmm. If you really give a think to this, you will understand why Samsung, Sony, Amazon, Blackberry etc, etc are trying to give a bite to the APP store from Apple and Maket for Android.

Somethings hasn't changed though as recommending you a song before I leave: Creep

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