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JQUERY: Thickbox and Superbox, ModalBoxes for JQuery

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:26
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...modalboxes for prototype, mootools..., and where are the modalbox for Jquery??. Here it comes....

As usual there are more than one to choose from. Here are my favourites. The veteran Thickbox which is the version 3.1 and coming directly from France we have Superbox. Which are the differences, ..what could I say, ...there are almost none!!. Both can show:

  • Pictures
  • Galleries
  • Inline Content
  • Iframes
  • Ajax

Both have almos same size (if you use the thickbox-compress), Superbox is around 200 bytes smaller. Both have a CSS which can be used to define de styles, you can changed the loader image, etc, etc. MIT License in both...

Maybe the differences may be in which browsers may be supported, ..thickbox has that info in its Homepage but no idea about superbox (I have tested over Explorer 7, Firefox 3 and Opera 9 with no problems). At any case these modalboxes run over Jquery so using extensively standard Jquery code and being caferull with CSS, then the browser shouldn't be an issue to worry about. Thickbox code, we could say, is more elegant meanwhile Superbox is more techie but this is just likes because both modalboxes work pretty good.

I had only one question when writting this post, ..which image to add..., in 3 seconds I starting laughing and wnet back to superbox project homepage..., which one better that the one from SuperBox Example???? :)

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  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:25
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Building a modalbox with Mootools is really easy!!, ... why??, well it is already within the objects included in it: fb-modal

As I always state, it is much more easy to learn how to build things with examples by one side, let's just use David Walsh example, ..I also know a cool programmer guy called Mike Walsh at London but they are not related. He has just made a simple example following the facebook css. Here it is.

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OPENCMS: Version 8.0

  • Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 03:24
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What are planning the guys of Alkacon for this new version which will come up around July next year??. It will Require Java 6 runtime, ..remember that this version of the Java Runtime appeared in december 2006 and as main characteristics:

  • Supports JSR 170
  • Offer access to VFS via Web Service
  • Integrates Workflow Engine
    • Most likely JBPM
  • Uses JPA for DB persistence
    • Drop individual DB persistence layers
  • Includes native support for JavaScript
    • Scripting access to OpenCms API
  • It ill make use of extended APIs such as Web Services (JAX-WS) and Scripting language integration Add a comment Add a comment Read more: OPENCMS: Version 8.0

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